Vegetables-Make Healthy Bodies


Vegetables-Make Healthy Bodies Overview:

There are very few people in our society who are very careful about what they eat. Health is the best blessing that god has bestowed on humans but we are not thankful about it. God has provided humans with everything but the decision to utilize totally depends upon humans and one day they are going to payback for the type of decisions that they made in their lives. Healthy eating is very necessary for a person to maintain a healthy lifestyle because no matter what catastrophe comes in the life of humans, one thing is always going to stay with the human beings and that is his health. So in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle a person must consume healthy calories.

Most basic healthy food is eating vegetables. Meat and poultry is a healthy source of proteins but the nutrients and minerals that vegetables offer, nothing can offer healthier food components that are essential for the growth and development of human body.


There have been many evidences in the past that vegetables were an important part of our history. There were some tribes in the world that only consumed vegetables and never had any type of meat because for them it was killing the creation of god. Indians still don’t eat meat because they consider cow to be their god and Brahmans are mostly vegetarian because they only vegetables. Historically speaking, vegetables have been an important part of human lives in the history.

Who are vegetarians?

Vegetarians are the people who only consume vegetables as their food because they find living animals too sacred to kill and consume their meat. In the western nations many people who have a very humanistic approach and animal rights folks are usually vegetarians because they think that animals are also living on the earth like humans and have a soul and life so they shouldn’t be murdered for their meat. The people of India, the pure breed Brahmans are the people who don’t consume any type of meat, let it be chicken, beef, mutton or any sort of meat. It is in their religion that cow is their mother god and by eating the flesh of the mother god they will only be doomed forever. Indian parents make sure to train their children for this. So vegetarians are very common in the land of Hindustan. Many riots took place between Hindus and Muslims whenever eid comes and Muslims are banned to slaughter any animal for the will of their god.

Riots due to vegetables:

Vegetables are not only a healthy source of nutrients but also are a chief factor due to which many riots occurred in India. As we all know that most Indians are vegetarians and how they love their mother cow so much. Whenever Muslims tried to consume meat, they were always used to fight and riots on national level happened to destabilize the country. I think it is funny that vegetarians created so much fuss only because they couldn’t eat meat and had to eat all the vegetables.

Benefits of vegetables:

Vegetables are a healthy source of vitamins and nutrients that regulate the blood sugar level in the human body and decrease blood pressure problems. Vegetables also help fight cardiovascular diseases because no matter what happens, we got to keep our blood pumping device healthy, pun intended. There are nutrients present in our body such as magnesium, calcium and potassium that helps us regulate the blood sugar level in our body and decreases the risk of diabetes and makes human less prone to blood pressure problems as well.


These diets are healthy for human beings because it helps them maintain their bodies. When a person eats too much bad calories in his life and at the end when he falls ill and goes to the hospital then doctor advises him to cut his meat consummation and get back to eating salads. Why do we have to wait for the doctor to tell us that you are in deep trouble and if you didn’t do something about your body, you are going to regret it for the rest of your little remaining life? I think we should start taking care of our bodies from today and must include healthy vegetables in our everyday meals because if we didn’t then we are going to regret it the very day when our health will start to diminish and the visual of our open grave will haunt us in our dreams. Even Thor got fat in the avengers endgame and the only advice that his mother gave it to him when he was leaving was; ‘eat a salad honey’. Even Thor needs to eat a salad sometimes so include salad in your every day diet and don’t forget to benefit from all the nutrients that it has to offer.



Pakistani Foods-Recipes To Must Try

Pakistani Foods:


Pakistan is a culturally versatile country and people from different cultures and beliefs reside here. It was a country that was demanded for a separate Muslim identity within the sub continent but now people from all the religions and cultures are living here. Each person has its own culture and tradition to represent and every city has its own food to present to the world with a variety of flavours to offer. Pakistani food is known in the whole world for its spice and variety of flavours. Tourist loves our biryani and is mostly loved among tourists. In this article we will go through different foods of Pakistan that have been adored in the national and international community.


Karrahi is the most beloved food item in the food industry. Lahore is most famous for its karrahi flavours and both varieties are available in the karrahi that is meat and chicken. Peshawar is famous for its namkeen karrahi and holds a significant position in the hearts of food lovers. Lahore is mostly famous for its karrahi because of the spices that their chefs’ use and people from all over the world are falling in love with the flavours of karrahi. Karachi folks also have their identical taste of karrahi that is made with green chillies and a lot of lemon with the gravy of yogurt.

Peshawar is famous for its namkeen karrahi and in this identical flavour because fresh meat is cut and it is cooked in salt and black pepper with a lot of ginger and turmeric to give it a savoury taste to the mouths of people. Mostly, it is cooked in the organic fat of the lamb which adds additional flavour to the nostrils because it saves the meat from being cooked in the industrially made oils. It is all natural and its nutritional value is quite high as compared to the traditional chicken karrahi that is made with red chillies and vegetable oil.


Biryani is a food that is a treat in the whole subcontinent as it is also an iconic food in India as well. People adore biryani and is served as a treat on the several occasions throughput the year. Children and adults in Pakistan are very happy when biryani is been made in their kitchen. Pakistan has many flavours of biryani and is very adored among the Muslim and other communities. Tourists who had visited and those who are currently visiting Pakistan are more likely to love this food item and when they return to their country and are asked that what did you like most about Pakistan then the second thing that they tell is biryani because obviously first thing they say is that people are extremely friendly.

There is Sindhi biryani which is famous for the spice and Karachi is most famous for its biryani. There are several outlets like student biryani, Karachi Sindhi biryani, naseeb biryani, hajji biryani, and each one is different in its taste. Islamabad has only one type of rice to offer and that is savour foods but Karachi has a whole lot of biryani range to offer to the world, Then comes Blochi sajji with biryani, where biryani is served along the fully roasted chicken that is named as ‘sajji’ and with traditional Baluchistan styled sajji. People cannot neglect the position that biryani holds among the community.

Chicken Tikka:

Chicken Tikka is the most famous Pakistani cuisine that has its Mughal legacy and is most loved food item in the Pakistan. Usually the process includes that the marinated chicken is stuck on long iron rods and cooked on the coals and fanned until they are well smoked.

It adds a delicious flavour to the chicken and then is presented to the customer who loves them. In Pakistan there is a tradition of live barbeque where a barbeque stand is at the corner of the tables and people can see their barbeques being prepared which increases their appetite and a delicious aroma is spread in the environment which everybody adores.


In summation, Pakistan is full of foods that are internationally adored and we as a society are foodies who love a good meal in a good environment. That is the reason Peshawar’s namak mandi and Islamabad’s food streets are most famous in all over the world. On weekends these food streets are filled with people who have come with their families to enjoy a good meal. If a person is looking forward to experience Pakistani food then he must try the aforementioned foods from the places that are mentioned above. These places offer a high quality service and food is great with the traditional Peshawari naan along the chutney. Everyone enjoys a good meal so if you are a person who loves to experience exotic food then Pakistan is the place that you should visit in order to experience the cuisine that has the legacy from the famous Mughal Empire.


Junk Foods - This Is Your Body On Fast Foods

Junk foods:


Junk food is anything that can result in the hindrance of the human body in the longer run. Our body should be our temples and are expected to be taken care of accordingly, but as we see around us these temples are being ruined and devastated by none other than ourselves and we find it as a luxury. Many a times we see selfies of people uploaded on the snap chat that a friend of ours is at Kfc with his other friend but we fail to realize that this is completely ironical because that particular individual is being happy for his own ruin. You only live once is right to mention but crippling this one time life can be like kicking the opportunity in the gut. Junk food as clear by the name is junk and can have possible adverse effects on the body. A human tends to live happily but loses his dire need of being healthy to the delicious junk food that is available in the market.

Why it is delicious:

Junk food is very difficult to get rid of because the traditional taste of raw vegetables and fruits wasn’t enough for humans so when innovations stared to kick in and the whole world was busy in reintroducing the whole concept of life then one of the fools brought up the idea like, ‘hey why don’t we bring innovations in food as well. Lets produce the food that can be mass produced in the society and would be enough to feed millions and lets screw the quality because that’s not necessary only money matters that’s going to roll in our bank accounts. The food in industrially prepared and is constructed matching the exact delicacies of human taste buds. Then came the time when millions of outlets of junk food were available in the markets. In the beginning same foods were consumed only as treats on birthday and festivals but as humans deemed the importance of a luxury, he managed to utilize the same treat on daily basis.

When this treat became common in the lives of humans and they started having pizza for dinner everyday then issues arose such as obesity and health conditions in adults. It is considered delicious by our brains because certain chemicals and components of the food are engineered in such a way to satisfy the requirements of the human taste buds. Many people made a business out of it. Research revealed recently that major cause of child obesity in United States is all due to the fact that we are surrounded by more junk food outlets and less healthy food outlets. So when a person will get a salad for 10 dollars and a burger and fries for 5 dollars then obviously he will be deciding to buy the burger and fries because it is less a toll on the pocket and more delicious than a green salad.

Adverse effects of junk food:

Studies revealed, as aforementioned, that the key reason for the child obesity in the United States is the frequent availability of junk food in the society. These industrialists have made sure that healthy food is organically made and deemed more expensive than widely available junk food so for a person who is looking for a meal would definitely go for something that is lower in price plus offers deliciousness as well. Less we realize that these cheap things are very cost friendly but are causing damage to the bodies of human. There was a time when humans were fit and technology hadn’t made life so easy because life is made easy but ironically it had made humans miserable as well. Organic food is more expensive and junk food is a leading cause of ailments like liver problems, cardiovascular diseases, lungs ailments and obesity in children and adults.


Yes, we only live once and can be deemed important in the life of humans but it is exactly that we need to hear. We should visit a lot of places and enjoy with our loved ones rather we are choosing to live miserably in the hospitals lying on white sheets waiting for this anguish to end. This will happen only in one way that we stop eating all the junk food that is available in our society and should consider eating healthy because we are what we eat and if we are not eating right then its only going to lead in one direction and trust your instincts because that direction only leads to an open grave where you will lie suffering for eternity that if you had eaten healthy then this wouldn’t have fallen into your lap.

Junk food is delicious and no doubt it is an amazing experience to watch that bucket of chicken wings coming towards you followed by a bucket of fries and a delicious zinger burger. My mouth watered as I am even naming these foods because we have associated them with the feeling of luxury and trust me that am so not what it is. It can be delicious and lovely but all it is going to do is limit your health conditions and replace them with all the ailments that happen in the elder age. Now we see that children are facing issues like child obesity and poor health conditions.


In conclusion all a person is expected to do is limit him within the boundaries of healthy food and dare not to cross all those limits because as far as health is concerned, it does not come back once it’s too late. There are millionaires in the world who possess a lot of cash and assets but the only natural assets that they cannot buy with all the money are health. Health is a natural luxury that is given to you so doesn’t ruin it for the temporary joy of junk food because in the longer run it is only going to ruin the health that a person already possesses. You only live once so live like a healthy horse and never let any junk food touch your mouth again.



Indian Foods

Indian Food:



Foodies are everywhere and these are the people who are open to taste the exotic flavours from all over the world. These people cherish and enjoy the exotic flavours that the world has to offer, and they are always interested in getting to know the culture of new people and to taste the flavours that their food culture is willing to offer. India is a country where people are foodies and enjoy a good meal from time to time. India is filled with restaurants and chefs who offer their customers with a variety of flavours to enjoy on almost daily basis.

Indian people have this peculiar ability to love their surroundings and it doesn’t matter if they are sitting at a roadside food vendor or at some five star luxurious hotel, they only need good food. if they find out that a good brain masala is available from a person who is selling from the corner stall under a tree and at the same time some good restaurant is offering a less delicious brain masala inside a luxurious environment then that particular person will definitely sit beside that street vendor and eat his brain masala with his bare hands while sitting on ground because all he cares about is that his taste buds are served with great food.

The reason that there are lots of restaurants and food street vendors is that Indian people love food and there food is famous among all the people in the world. Indian foods are especially a celebrity among the restaurants in the west because those people love occasional taste of Indian spices.

Restaurants in Europe:

Indians are found everywhere. When Armstrong landed on the moon he found an Indian there as well selling butter chicken, pun intended. Indians are found in all corners of the Europe and this is the reason that there are that many hotels and restaurants ran by Indians there too. Indian people had made the westerners addicted by all the flavours that they have to offer and they love all the Indians and Pakistani restaurants that are there. The reason is that the Indians are very humble people who give a huge respect to their customers with a great additional service so the people of Europe are really impressed by the respect that is given to them by these restaurants.

Moreover, as there are so many Indians in the west so the demand for Indian food is more there as Indian people and Muslims don’t eat pork in their meals because they consider it to be unholy. Indian people are always looking for Indian food in the Europe and demand for these restaurants is quite high.

Tikka masala:

Tikka masala is the most famous dish of Indians and possess a significant value among the whole world.

Tikka masala is served with chicken tikka cooked in thick tomato and yogurt gravy which offers a great smoky flavour. The smoky flavour is the signature of the tikka masala and offers a great appeal to the mouth of the customers. Chicken is marinated overnight in the spices and herbs and then is cooked on coals that add a smoky flavour to it. It is then cooked in thick tomato and yogurt gravy and is served to the customers who love it with naan and rice.

Tandoori chicken:

This type of delicious smoked chicken is available in all parts of the world and is very famous due to its taste even among the westerners. Tandoori masala is a bit difficult to make due to the fact that it has to be perfect in order to make a delicious tandoori chicken. People order it with lentils or rice and enjoy it occasionally with their families as it is a treat to mouth and taste buds.

Butter chicken:

This special dish is available in almost all the corners of the world. There are many types of butter chicken available in the India. Mumbai’s butter chicken and Delhi’s butter chicken is the most famous types of the butter chicken in India and is loved in the whole country among other parts of the world.


This dish is not available in the many restaurants in the west and only high quality or five star Indian restaurants have it in their menus. It is actually a chickpea curry that is served with bhatooray. The reason for this is that the chefs use canned peas and it doesn’t offer exact taste as it is offered by the dry peas that are soaked overnight in water to be prepared in the morning. It is a very spicy dish that is usually served with poori and it’s a very delicious to taste.


If you ever decide to taste Indian cuisine then these are the flavours that you should really look forward to in order to taste the real food that Indians are so proud of.





Healthy food:


Healthy-Foods-Healthy-Life Overview:

Health is the most necessary part of the human existence and we start compromising the chief factor of our existence then it is definitely not going to end well. Food is considered as the basic dire need of human beings but as we move forward in life we realize that there are many types of foods that are available in the society. This credit goes to the technology and a never ending cycle of innovation.

We have come far from the world war and slavery but still everyday is a fight against others to win the race of earning and living better than our neighbours. Every day is another submission to the burger kings and MacDonald’s because they offer a onetime salvation to our taste buds. But no more because in this article I am going to elaborate that why healthy food like vegetables, fruits and proteins can result in healthy calories and aid a person to flourish in the longer run. This is not considered to be a sermon because living longer and healthy is the desire of every other person but we are doing nothing about it and this will eventually lead us to the mouth of death in no time. We must consume healthy food in order to maintain a healthy life style that is going to help us in the longer run.

What is healthy food?

Healthy food includes all the food items that doesn’t have any adverse effect on the bodies of human and offers optimum nutrition that human body demands in order to function properly. Nowadays food is mass produced to meet the requirement of the world but what we fail to resolve is that such food can be perceived as lower in quality and can have harmful effects on the bodies of human. When we look at the monks of China and darwesh of India along the Sufis of Iran, we come to a realization that why they tend to age longer. Why women in china are able to live longer and they even don’t have the signs of aging? There was a picture of three generations of women but looked exactly no younger or elder than each other. When asked for the reason, grandmother explained that she never had unhealthy food in her life and this has eventually led to the longer age of her body.

Healthy foods include vegetables, fruits and healthy source of proteins such as lean chicken, beef, salmon and eggs. Leafy vegetables and fruits are the major source of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the proper functioning of human beings. These foods are necessary and natural for the human body rather than all the food that is industrially prepared in order to meet the needs of million but they forget to match the quality as well. There was once a time when people remained fit because they didn’t have innovative junk food to serve their appetites. They depended wholly upon healthy food and time stands witness that they lived longer than what our current life span is.

Vegetables and fruits:

Vegetables and fruits are a healthy source of minerals and vegetables that is available in the market. Organically grown vegetables are healthier but cannot be cost friendly because luxury has its price. Industrialists have manage to alter the thinking of all the folks that delicious food is cheap so the prices of healthy vegetables and fruits were high in order to bring more attention and appetite towards junk food. The major obstacle in the path of eating healthy is that vegetables are available in raw form and cooking them three times a day can be a difficult for a professional person. So the other option is provided by these outlets that they will be immediately served delicious food in a matter of seconds.

Fruits on the other hand are also a healthy source of minerals and vitamins and can be utilized to maintain the proper health conditions. Fruits such as berries, avocados, apple, oranges, etc are very good for eyes skin and hair growth. These can be utilized as a snack in daytime to maximize the body performance for the execution of everyday tasks.

Avoiding junk food is healthy:

When a person is in the pursuit of living healthy then he is obliged to avoid all the junk food that is available in his surroundings and in doing so he must focus on his own diet plans to reach the levels of fitness in the future. Staying away from all the junk food is also being healthy. There comes a time when a person cannot find some healthy meal and the only option available to him is consuming junk food. Being healthy demands that junk food to be rejected and merely consuming healthy snacks such as a glass of milk or fruits to get through because staying fit is not an option, it is a life style and let’s not make our lifestyles miserable in front of the whole world. In the longer run a person will tend to appreciate his earlier efforts that he did in order to remain healthy. In the near future when all the fitness will pay back, he will realize that how his friends have aged more than their actual ages and how he himself looks 5 years younger and robust than his actual age.


the payback is always left with a feeling of a satisfaction so let’s not ruin our tomorrow for temporary pleasure of today because how much we deny that health is not an issue to put much effort in, we are going to realize that how wrong e were in the longer run while we will be lying in our hospital beds and waiting for death to end the anguish and pain. So to avoid the future mishaps and live fully with your loved ones, a person must tend to focus on what is necessary for a healthy body and how he must focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.